I am excited to be a part of the DENapalooza tour! Below is the presentation I delivered on March 23, 2013. Be sure to check out the main DENapalooza Wiki for more resources from the event.

To see the full slideshow and accompanying sidebar with presentation notes, please visit:

Here is the slide show on its own:
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Here are some "extras" to support your success using QR codes in the classroom:

QR Codes Explained video:

QR Readers (there are tons, these are a few I have experience with using and like):

QR Generators (again, lots of resources, but ones I am most familiar):

Creating Voice Files:
  • Vocaroo (http://vocaroo.com/) records for a computer and directly generates QR code
  • QRVoice (www.qrvoice.net) is text to speech conversion with a 100 character limit
  • Croak It: This is an app and can be found in iTunes

Tips I Have Learned Along the Way:
  • Come up with a naming convention or folder to store codes and activities so you can locate them for easier importing into a document
  • Post printed codes in the same location in a protective sleeve or under a magnet and replace weekly so they last longer and students become conditioned to where to find that station
  • Space the codes out or mount separately since iDevice cameras are off center. Neighboring codes might be accidentally scanned which can become frustrating.