Teachers are natural learners. The trouble is, we do not have time to sit in a class all the time, but look for opportunities to grow professionally. I'd like to introduce you to Glogster EDU's Ambassador Program!

You have all used this tool at some point, whether as a user of someone else's glog, or as the creator. Glogster EDU is a web tool that allows you to build interactive posters that host connections to other websites, embed videos, import images, present text or enhance its appearance with colorful graphics. The upgraded version makes everything easier than ever, and as an Ambassador you have access to additional features, such as attaching documents, and more templates.

Glog featuring audio, video, text and image uploads:

Glog featuring video, links, text and images:

Glog used as a research pathfinder and attach critical documents for student reference:

Submission criteria is simple to complete since it is what we do daily. Reach out through social media and promote how you use the tool ten times. Blogs, Twitter, wiki, Facebook, etc all count.

1. How to Embed Glogs into a Symbaloo: http://yourmcneillibrary.wikispaces.com/Glogs+Posted+in+Symbaloo
2. Becoming a Glogster EDU Ambassador: http://yourmcneillibrary.wikispaces.com/Glogster+EDU

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