There are many QR Readers. McNeil has the QRafter app preloaded onto the iPads for student and staff use. Here are the visual instructions for using this app:

Here are some ways to use QR codes with your students:
  • Set up independent research stations as you begin new units (solar system, soil, etc) and preset QR codes that link to safe and friendly sites for students
  • Set up safe multimedia stations on a particular topic. Discover quality YouTube videos, copy the URL and paste into SafeSare.TV to create a new link for kids to access videos. Now you have a protective border around the video so kids can view your specific content (time lapse plant growth, weather systems, animal behaviors, cultural festivals or dances)
  • Provide enrichment activities by offering opportunities to transcend curriculum for curious learners. Why stop with identifying planets. Kids are curious - let them see what there is on nebula, black holes, and Planet X.
  • Reteach concepts with quick access to teacher made video lessons. Use interactive whiteboard lessons (like EDUCreations) and have the kids practice along with you while you work with another group. Have students arrive with work and ready to discuss.

You just have to get creative!