ThingLink is a terrific tool for simply connecting photos, videos and links to one common theme. Similar to Glogster, this less flashy version gets straight to the meat and potatoes without have to beautifully size and scale a page worth of media. Scroll down for samples!

Use with Edmodo too! Check out instructions below!!

Below is a ThingLink I made about capybaras. By using Flickr I was able to keep my visitor on the same page by hovering over my tags instead of jumping onto another page. Otherwise, you can absolutely go anywhere on the web.

For YouTube videos, I converted them over to SafeShare.TV links prior to linking them.

Here is some inspiration:
  • Biography: Teach others about famous figures
  • Research: Share findings on biomes, animals, inventors, authors, and more
  • Autobiography: Take your own photo and provide information and images about yourself
  • Science: Label and define pictures and diagrams (life cycles, weather cycle, landforms, rapid and slow changes to Earth, body systems)
  • Math: Multiplication Strategies, problem solving strategies, multiple step problems, fractions, geometry
  • Social Studies: Maps to show travels (Lewis & Clark), , specific events (Alamo/Juneteenth), build background knowledge, or to express perspectives from single scene (soldiers in a war scene and the thoughts going through their heads based on body language and historical events)
  • ELAR: Nonfiction text features, literary devices,
  • Parent Communication: Show what was learned at school
  • Flipped Learning: Showcase anchor charts to make classroom resources available on line for home reference

Capybara Research:

Math in the Real World:

Nonfiction Text Features:

ThingLink for education (retreived from

Thinglink supports social learning platforms such as Edmodo. Embedding Thinglink images into your content on Edmodo is easy and requires only a few clicks. Read on to learn more!


You can embed Thinglink images in Edmodo by attaching them as links or adding them via your Edmodo library. The step-by-step instructions and the screencasts below will guide you through this process:
  1. Hover over any Thinglink image
  2. Select Share image from the top left corner of the image
  3. Click on Edmodo
  4. Copy the iframe code by clicking on the Copy to clipboard button
  5. Log in to your Edmodo account
  6. Create a new post and attach a Link to it
  7. Paste in the iframe code to the field that says http: or <embed>//
  8. Give the attachment a title and click Attach
  9. Fill in the empty fields and click Send
Your Thinglink image will now show up in your post as an attachment, which can be opened/closed by clicking on the attachment icon.

Applications for Education - Another Great Idea to get kids making things:

In the post announcing the new Remix feature ThingLink suggests the following that a teacher compose a set of questions on a ThingLink image of a garden with various plants. Student can then click the Remix button, and answer the questions on his or her own version of the image.