Think Through Math is a math website that provides engaging math interventions. Students are assessed on skills from their grade level. If the system identifies an area for growth, it adjusts the information to reteach a concept.

EX: A 4th grade student struggles with multiplication. The system will go to 3rd grade concepts. They will be reviewed until understanding is measured, then the student with return to 4th grade level questions.

Here is a quick slide show that helps you get the most out of Think Through Math:

TTM has a three tier system for helping students.
  • An avatar that walks them through a problem if necessary
  • If this was not helpful, an online teacher will speak with the student via headset
  • If this is not successful, an online teacher will communicate via whiteboard with the student

Online teachers are available 90 hours a week. Their schedule is:
  • Monday: 6:30-11pm
  • Tuesday: 6:30-11pm
  • Wednesday: 6:30-11pm
  • Thursday: 6:30-11pm
  • Friday: 6-9pm
  • Saturday: 10am-2pm
  • Sunday: 5-9pm

Student Login Site:
Each student has their personal login information on their Starter Card.

Parent Information:

  1. Parents can create an account to view their students’ progress in Think Through Math.
  2. Parents can now receive real time information on student progress as they work through the TTM system.
  3. Please visit to get more information.