It's Cool to be Curious!
I see, I Know, I Wonder activity for Kinder Kids!

It is good to be curious! Curious kids ask questions. I'd like to introduce you to the capybara. This creature has some cousins you already may know. What does the capybara have in common with other creatures you know? After some curious questions, kindergartners compared and contrasted their new friend with old familiar ones.

Here are their questions and statements in no particular order. ;-)
Cadenhead's Curious Questions
It's feet are webbed. Can it swim?
Their eyes are on top of their heads like alligators.
Are they as big as a dog?
Is their nose sensitive?
Ears are on top of their head. Is their hearing sensitive?
Capybaras like to stay together like horses.
When told capybara means "water pig" students asked:
  • do they like mud?
  • are they dirty like a pig?
Kovac's Capybara Curiosities
What does it eat?
Why does it have small eyes?
Can it climb trees?
Is their hair soft or hard?
How many kinds of capybaras are there?
Do they hunt?
It eats grass. So do rabbits and cows.
Where does it live?
Their teeth grow like a porcupine's does.
They swim slow like a turtle.
Webb's Wonderful Wonders
I noticed it likes to be near other capybaras. Like how fish or geese
live. What do they call it? (A herd)
Killer whales live in herds too.
Do they make sounds?
They sound like guinea pigs.
They signal to each other like prairie dogs do.
Frogs and ducks have webbed feet too.
Do other animals hunt them?
Do they run fast?
Are they good hiders?
Will it scratch me?
How do they escape?
Are they mean? (showed them dozens of pics with birds on their back)
Moss's Mighty Mindbenders

Their eyes are on top of their heads like a hippo.
They swim like hippos do.
They like to be in mud like pigs.
Can they climb?
Does it fight?
What does capybara mean? (water pig)
When told they are cousins to guinea pigs:
*are they pets?
*do they fit in a tank?
What kind of weather do they live in?
What kind of home do they live in?
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