Genius Hour starts after Spring Break! Ambitious 3rd, 4th and 5th graders will sacrifice their lunch and recess time to research a specific subject of personal interest and create multimedia digital products sharing their expertise.

Their first activity will be creating a ThingLink on the topic of their choice and be submitted for a national contest. Categories for the contest are:
  • My Favorite Books or Authors
  • Science — Think Like a Scientist!
  • Health & Well-being — You, Your Family, Your Friends
  • Environment — The World Around Us
  • Community — Volunteering & Making a Difference
  • Money Smarts — Earning, Saving, Spending
  • Art & Music — Express Yourself!
  • Sports — Game On!
  • History & Social Studies — From Yesterday to Today
  • Animals — Furry, Friendly, & Fierce

ThinkLink Organizer: