Congrats! You have just finished learning about World War II and the many events that came before, during and after. Now it is time to share what you have learned with others!

You will be responsible for creating a movie that explains an important part of this history. You may choose from one of the following apps:


Puppet Pals:

Steps for making the best movie EVER:
  • First you must plan out your story as accurately as possible on a planing sheet
  • Next, think of the scenes you want in the background and write them down
  • Write a script that shares details with your viewers
  • Get an iPad and write down the iPad number so you know where your work is
  • Go to Safari to search for pics and save them to your iPad
  • Go into your app (Tellagami or Puppet Pals) to begin creating
  • Refer to the Click Sheet for your app for how to use it